Fall Ballin' 3

We held an awesome tournament with 20 teams on Sept 22/23.


1st - Oh Shit (kev, Lewis, Ngaihon TO)
2nd - Despicable Three (Luke, Adam, Nick TO)
3rd - Mosquitos (Daren, Duane SKN, Eryn TO)
4th - Mitten People (Jon, Adam ARB, maija TO)
5th - 514 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
5th - Nominds (Eric, Steven, Chris TO)
7th - Mucho Gusto (Shane, Frank, Samuel TO)
7th - Call Me Maybe (Jake BOS, Ben, Birdie MAD, Alexis OTT)
9th - We're Fucked (Jesse, Johnny MTL, Shamus OTT)
9th - East German Swim Team (Dave, Fabian, Matthieu WPG)
9th - Hipposharktopuss (Paul MTL, Mitch, Emily TO)
9th - Future Primative (Coach, Dom, Pierre OTT)
13th - Riders of Brohan (Jim, Matt, Robb ARB)
13th - Savanage Swanzigs (patti, Aaron, Nick TO)
13th - I Don't Care Bears (Colin BTV, Kirsten, John TO)
13th - Pedalphiles (Brodie, Legend, Scru OTT)
17th - The Autumn Sweaters (Andria, Hollywood OTT, CAT TO)
17th - OoOoZEE (sara, Joel, Justin TO)
17th - Stick em up (Navid, Meg, Rebecca TO)
17th - Rooftop Girls (Kris, Neil, Tyzun KDUB)

More info on LOBP.