BPTO League Season 1

BPTO Spring League season is here!


Triple Entendre (Trevor, Steve, Navid)
Dirks, Sara, Savage
I Wanna Beard (Nick I, Frank, Stillwell)
Kev, Charlebois, Joel
Westside Maniacs (Shane, Glen, Kirsten)
Ngaihon, Heff, Mitch
Lewis, Megan, Kaiser
Acid Cat Reflex (Maija, Swanson, Patti)

Captains are listed first. You guys are responsible for a) sending me - Lewis - your team names, b) scheduling your team's fixtures with the other captain and c) reporting scores to me after the fixture has been played.

How it works

Each team will be scheduled 2 rounds or "fixtures" to play each month, and will have until the last day of the month to complete games or face forfeiture.

A "fixture" a series of 3 games. Regular first-to-5, max 15 mins deal. All 3 games of a fixture are to be played on the same day.

Substitutes will be available if one player can't make it. Subs can't be players on other league teams.

Available subs: Julia, Willa, Sam.
Injury reserve: Plaxton and Chris R


April: Round 1 and 2
May: Round 3 and 4
June: Round 5 and 6
July: Round 7 and playoffs

Tuesdays are hereby declared "league night" and will be the best time to play your games. Sundays from 12-2 are also suggested as appropriate time to schedule league games so pick-up can commence for everyone else from 2pm. Playing League games during our regular pickup up times will be considered bad etiquette if other people are waiting to play.