Sunburn free polo: Banana Boat

Thanks to Banana Boat, we have tons of sunscreen on hand this weekend.

Banana boat has also sponsored Podium, the software we're using to track the swiss rounds on Saturday. Sunburn-free polo...

Squarebuilt polo bar

Bike polo bikes keep evolving, and one of the big trends this year are the riser bars built by Squarebuilt in a basement workshop in Brooklyn NY. Lance, the framebuilder behind Squarebuilt, has kicked in three handlebars for the prize table this year. Thanks Lance!

Hoopdriver Bicycles, gold sponsor

We're stoked to be working with Hoopdriver Bicycles on this tournament. They've sponsored our tournaments in the past, and for this one they're getting Brooks saddles laser-engraved for the podium prize table.

Hoopdriver is home to some top-notch mechanics and they'll be court-side to represent their shop with tools and a few commonly needed parts. Megs will be there all day Saturday at the tournament while Martin holds down the shop, and Martin will be there Sunday. Feel free to leave them tips!

But you should make it a point to stop by the store on Saturday when you're not playing, cause it's closed Friday for Canada Day, and Sunday and Monday. They're at 1073 College St, just a two minute bike ride straight south from Dufferin Grove Park. Martin's got an incredible selection of parts from Brooks, Paul's, Velo Orange, Nitto, crammed into the display, and some vintage randonneurs hanging from up high.

Locally produced petroleum-free bike lube

George and Chris from Orontas came by Dufferin Grove last night to watch some polo and drop off some of their petroleum-free bike lube products that we'll be giving out as prizes during the Northside Regional Qualifier tourney.

They told us they're the only bike lube manufacturer in Canada, but that they've started to distribute in the US, Australia, Japan, and Europe. In Canada you can get their stuff at MEC and many bike stores.

They also told us that our drivetrains were noisy and in bad need of lube, and that although they make petroleum-free products for more industrial uses like hydraulics, they do not make any products for use in the bedroom.

We'll be putting up more sponsor profiles in coming days and weeks.

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